by - Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodbye autumn,welcome winter :) as the snow has falling down and we're magically excited! Next is Christmas..that tells a lot why we're so happy this time. but let's drop it here cause we're not gonna talk about Christmas gift,wish list and such but we want stunned our nail first to complete our look!

So this season is all about magical dust and sparkling snow... and for that,glittery and shimmery nail polish are so trending right now! but dont worry just yet,if you're feeling like cant fit in with those cause you're more to down to earth. because we're having simple nail polish that trending now like nude color and dark color nail polish.

Rihanna Gold Nail Polish

Katy Perry Metallic Shimmery Grey Nail Polish

Rihanna Dark Nail Polish

Lily Allen Nude Nail Polish

For some experiment,individuality art desire you can also polish your nail like this.
Where have dark tone,bright tone and the shimmery..

 Glittery Brown Nail Polish
It looking amazing like a shimmery magic dust
Must do on winter!

Our Product choice :
Nicole by O.P.I
Its My Year by O.P.I

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