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Holidays is coming right away..Winter is falling down..and the celebrities are having the holiday showdown..When holiday season is on,most of the celebrities planning for some fun in a hot trip vacation .Wearing the extravagant outfits is totally a life saver for them as the fashion police,mama&paparazzi escorting them..But yet,its not holidays we want to talk about..but its the red carpet look that we want to talk about.What they're wearing,and how them strutting the pose ;) We bring it all here,in the red carpet persona of AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD 2011.Who just actually blew our mind away..

Taylor Swift in American Music Award 2011
We love Taylor Swift Gold Sparkling Dress in the American Music Award 2011

She's looking absolutely stunning in the dress with the braids pony tail and the nude orange makeup. Simple yet stytlish. She's following the fashion rules perfectly as we say Less Is More.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in American Music Award 2011

Their look is simply amazing. Vintage romance and so classy. Not to mention this young couple also look alluring elegant. Its like in the 40's love movie. Where the lady playing the character as classy,sexy and elegant. And the guys looks so irresistible with the smart,class look. Just like James Bond but too bad cause I think Justin Bieber sneakers doesnt match.

Jenifer Lopez 

Julia Bowen on the red carpet at the American Music Award

Okay,chop chop. I love her sexy long leg. She choose the dress perfectly. Its beautiful and so sexy. Its pop out her sexy long leg and she looking extra young too. Flirty and chic!

Christina Aguilera who was making perfomance on the AMA's

Yes,she has gained too much but yet she's look okay and thats mean she's safe this time. This dress wasnt showing too much and suit her body perfectly. So it wasnt gross to look at.

And here we go to the showdown :

Who is looking more better?

Between JLo and Lady Gaga


okay,clearly enough that JLo win this challenge. Eventho she's more older than Lady Gaga but its totally clear here that she's looking more hot and sexy than Lady Gaga.There's no shape at all,and yet full with fat! It's gross and doesnt sexy at all to look on Lady Gaga.You better burn down the fat or wear something more to cover it up,instead of wearing less to show it up. 

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  1. my favourite is Taylor Swift's dress, it's so simple and beautiful!
    nice blog :)
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