by - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

So recently we've been out to town and we going down to each shopping mall to try those fragrance and beauty products. First step when we reached Sunway Pyramid, we've gone to Benefit! Store to try those cosmetics, beauty product and the fragrances. We spend our time there about 20 minutes to do some experiment with the tester and to have a little interview with the beauty helper.

Our best interest is on  Benefit! Fragrance. Wanna know why? Honestly,in our first impression we are so in love with the bottle design and how the box looks! It's adorable yet stylish.

Next we have some try out with the new fragrance called Ring My Bella by Benefit! and that is based on the beauty helper suggestion. Our thoughts about the scents was beautiful! Its was relaxing, well basically because the scent doesn't too strong so it suitable for both whether teens or young adults.
And we also found out that most of the guys also love the smells! Wow! That's just impressive!

Price in store is about RM 148 for 30ml. Trust me it's something that you wont regret!

You can also buy online at with lowest and cheapest price

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  1. loving this item! i may def have to check that out!!