by - Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter is coming right away..and for serious in all season that we have, winter wear is the most difficult to please. It’s for real.Too much fur can make you look like a dead ostrich. and a wrong match leave a wrong intention on you forever. So what to wear in winter?

Take my advice...being so serious give you nothing.Plus for your information most people do wrong choice in fashion when they being too serious.It’s because you’ve been carry away with the pressure and tense. So leave the stress behind and enjoy your fashion play time.

My best choice for winter wear will be sophisticated,yet chic and classy. Not to classy and not sophisticated.. It’s just a middle of everything.
Fashion inspired will be Audrey Hepburn,Angelina Jolie,Victoria Beckham,Kate Moss,Blair Waldorf(Leighton Meester in GossipGirl)

Must Have This Season!

Feather Jacket/Faux Fur Coat/Fur Jacket or Coat(Please choose nicely and best suit with you,wrong choice make you look like granny)
Trench Coat

Dress.Best for Printed Dress,Plain Dress or Lace Dress.(Below the knee will be just perfect)

Pencil skirt or High Waist Skirt will be amazing to match with almost everything.

Wide Pegged Pants or High Waist Pants are also easy to match.

Accessories :

Knit Beret or Knit Bennie/Hat 
Gloves(Leather gloves is more in trend) 
Pumps Heel,Boots(Ankle Boots or Long Boots),Stilletos
Sunnies(Cat Eye Sunnies giving extra dramatic look)

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