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Angelina Jolie, the extreme mother of six children is rather say quite silent for this pass few times. I mean no any cover magazine photoshoot,no latest movie and yet no any news,rumors or gossip about her. It's a quite silent about herself for this few month.So what are her fan think about that? Of course we are wondering what Angie is doing recently!

It might be a happily and peace short break for this 36years-old actress as she is having a break for awhile from the Hollywood madness.But still,behind the peaceful and happily break that Angie's taking,Angelina Jolie was actually going through a campaign with Louis Vuitton as she is the new face for the Louis Vuitton Ads Campaign 2011. The Louis Vuitton Ads Campaign was taking a huge part of her as the campaign was going far to her favorite place; Cambodia.Angelina Jolie is going slow for a moment after she's making a big hit last year in plenty of hit movies such as Salt and The Tourist which both of it are the box-office movies.

Speaking of truth,we're extremely admired Angie for her spirit,dedication and of course her sensational style! Angelina Jolie was first making a hit in her acting career in the film GIA back in 1998 and later on she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the drama;Girl Interrupted(1999).It's a stepping stone for her career as next Angelina Jolie was making a huge hit and wide fame for her extreme acting in the movie Lara Croft:The Tomb Raider and automatically become one of the highest paid actress.

Talking about love life,Angelina Jolie is such a lucky person as she have a wonderful family. I mean six children and a hunk partner? And yet they're extremely happy? Who doesn't jealous..But yet there are still such a mystery between this adorable partner..When will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt get married? Something that seems to be such a mystery.Perhaps soon? We never know..

Angelina Jolie Louis Vuitton Ads Campaign

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