BEAUTY TREND! : Tips and Trick to have flawless face!

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips and Trick to have flawless face!

How to have flawless skin.

Something that we do know about every girls desire is to have flawless skin. We do know bout that,and in fact we are 100% sure about that too! Well, apparently flawless skin brings you the never ending happiness by having a flawless face which make you look perfect in no matter what. So yeah,flawless face is what every girl dream for,other than having their own fairytale wedding. And if you saying you’re not I guess most probably maybe you’re an alien :D LOL
So in this post we will give you the perfect tips and tricks to have flawless skin.Just like what you wish for!

Step #1
*Choose the right skincare*
Yes you should. This is because the right skincare gives you immediate result. So its just like this; in order to have flawless face with healthy skin you just have to invest some of your money on the right skincare.Firstly, determine what type of skins that you have. Whether its oily skin,combination skin(oily skin at some area only) or maybe dry and dehydrated skin.

Step #2
*Make the big pores look smaller and next gone away*
This so important. Actually who want to have pores on their face? It’s totally distractive. And annoying too! So all you have to do is exfoliate your skin twice a week cause it’s to unclog the congested pores and remove all the dead skin cells that giving you dull complexion.

Step #3
*Removes the blemish away*
To have a healthy skin you need to removes all the pores and the blemish away. So having makeup on your face is actually putting your skin on a dangerously risk. This because of the chemical effect. So don’t ever forget to use the face toner!

Step #4
*Flawless finish with foundation*
Final step,choose the right foundation that suits perfectly with your face condition.The right foundation will even out all of the pores and smoothen lines which will be giving a flawless finish.

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