by - Monday, November 07, 2011

From a lot of character,personality and celebrity.we go deep down under everything to choose the best face for our cover story..but i do understand that people will be asking and wondering what are the reason for us to choose Angelina Jolie. Is it because of the rumors that she's gone to rehab? or because the bride war rumors between Angelina Jolie VS Jenifer Aniston?

None of the above are state in our list. Because there's plenty of reason why we choose to be with this hot mama - Angelina Jolie. The reasons state down here.Scroll it down people as we reveal our thoughts about Angelina Jolie..

What we love about Angelina Jolie :

-We love Angelina Jolie's spirit and her dedication in her acting career.No matter whether it's GIA,Lara Croft or The Tourist. We just loved to see her action in camera! Fearless and worth to watch ;)

-We must admit that,we are 100% in love with her lips and alluring eyes!
It's proven enough here.

-We love Angelina Jolie's motherhood spirit. And seriously sometimes we just feel like we  want to be taken care by her! FOR REAL!

-We love her look! No matter whether it's a red carpet look or just a day out look.
Her face look sensational all the time!

-We love her sophisticated fashion sense ;) it's so va va voom!

-We love Angelina Jolie simplicity. She's simple.Her fashion style,her face look,and even her lifestyle.Not to extravagan and yet it all low profile especially herself!
-We love her kindness. Adopting orphan kid,going travel for charity? WOW! Wasn't that amazing!

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