MAKE UP TREND : We bring you the latest make up trend from The Fall/Winter 2011 Runway

by - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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We bring you the latest make up trend from The Fall/Winter 2011 Runway. What the artist picks,and what we think are in for this season. Honestly,we're going crazy and nuts when doing our selection bout what's the best look cause seriously most of the make up that been set up are extravagant! But still,we all agree that there are a few make up where we can't say no to.


Orange Eyes Make Up
Oranges Eye Make Up

How To Have This Look :

Most of all,to start this Oranges Eyes Make Up you need to imagine that your face is like a perfect piece of satin which smooth and soft without any blemish.This is important to make your look more natural.

First thing first,you need to apply a thin layer of foundation all over your face. Do use the cream base foundation because it's easily blend to your skin without any blemish. A thin layer of foundation keeping you look lighter and more natural.

After done applying foundation to your face,apply the cream base yellow shadow all over your eyelids with your fingers.Evenly spread it on your eyelids and not making any patches.
Next,apply the golden eyes shadow all over your eyelids. The golden eyes shadow will effect different highlight and tone into your eye and your eyelids wouldn't look too orange.Start to apply the orange eyes shadow from the outwards to the inwards of your eyelids.

Complete this look by drawing a thin line of a black eyeliner just above your eyelashes.Apply some on the lower eyelids too.Complete your eyelashes by applying black mascara on your eyelashes.Make sure it wont stick to each other and end your look with natural lip color,whether natural pink or peach lip gloss.

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