by - Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let’s see,they have a good fashion tastes,a big spotlight fame and yet a luck of fortune! It’s seems like the are living in the fairytale or some magic land. Ohh yeah,what a lucky lucky genes they have!

5)Julia Roitfield,daughter of The French Vogue editor;Carine Roitfield..
By being a daughter for editor of the top fashion magazine we are truly understand how good the fashion,fame and fortune are doing with them!

4)Haylie Duff,sister of Hilary Duff.. have you watched the movie called Material Girls? Or Beautiful and The Briefcase? Cause if you don’t you’re totally have missed a lot of this two hot sister action! They both can sing well,dress well(yes,if not,they won’t be in the list),huge fame and huge of fortune too!

3)Emma Roberts,Julia Roberts’s niece.Well,I know that a few of you doesn’t even know that they’re connected but in the matter of fact yes they are.As you can,Emma Roberts has making well in the spotlight and acting industry.She’s been worked on with a few top fashion names campaign’s and plus doing great in her acting career.Will she be the next American Sweetheart too? Well,we never know..

2)Lourdes Leon,daughter of our Queen of Pop;Madonna.Always know what rights to wear and what style to be style on..she’s going edgy like her mama does!

1)Kylie and Kendal Jenner,Kim Kardashian’s stepsisters.What a luck!They have their own reality series on the tv,having a huge spotlight in the runway,happy and fun family and yet seriously  they just don’t need any other.ohh lucky them!

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