by - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nail care is a total important part of yourself tidiness and hygience.This is because it shows the impressions of yourself to others.
Can you just imagine what other would think of you if you have untidy nail? people will be probably don't want to make any contact with your hands or even yourself.Because it shows the hygience part of you.


Buffing, is one nail care technique that involves rubbing lightly against the nail with a buffing board or cream. With this nail care technique you can have a shiny,healthy nails and nails that smooth without any uneven ridges.
Plus,it also can help improving and stimulating your blood circulation for healthy nail growth
But don't buffing too often or too vigorously because it can thin and weaken your nails.This is totally not what we want.So take a notice here,to buff your nails only about once a month.

2) Moisturize
Other than just buffing your nails,don't forget to moisturize your nails.It helps a lot by preventing dryness and cracked nails.This also can contribute more vitamins to your hand and your nails and for the result your nails will be more soft and smooth as ever. A very good deal for your ownself!

3)Shape Accurately
For having a beautiful nails,you have to shape your nail accurately.This mean by cutting and filling your nails first before you polish it.
How to : start from clipping your nails with a straight position then file down your nails with only one direction which is the direction of your nails grow.

4)Choose the right and the suitable color
Whether having one type of color only or some polish design. Suits with your desire ;)

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