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NATALIE PORTMAN - It is a very busy time for Natalie Portman, with her career which turned to be increasingly numerous and abundant. It get more exciting, when the beautiful lady is now a mother her newborn baby boy, Aleph with her fiance Benjamin Millepied(Ballet Dancer).Not just that, Natalie Portman is also now a new face to the well known international brand Dior. She is the new Miss Dior. Her face is everywhere with the Dior ads. From the beauty product to fragrance and more. 

It all started when she was acting in the movie V FOR Vendetta as the heroine, Evey. Daringly, she shave her head up till bald.That is the starting point when she became a great actress who often played a remarkable role. Played a very incredible role in the movie BLACK SWAN, made a lot of people become fascinated. And it appears to be one of the best film, played by her. It was proven enough when the film,Black Swan won many awards and yet the movie was the box office hit. it is very worthwhile for her to act out the character as Nina Sayers in BLACK SWAN because of the difficulties with to act two different characters at one time made ​​herself crowned as The Best Actress at the prestigious Golden Globe Award.And next this beautiful decent lady will be starring and acting in THOR 2.

Always looking beautiful, charming and have her own personal fashion style, Natalie Portman is very concerned and take a good care about her appearance and style. No wonder she is the chosen one to be the lady of Dior. She has her own fashion style by looking attractive in many terms of simple, elegant, and classic. That makes her become the media attention during event or red carpet.Talking about her fashion style, Natalie Portman have her own favorite fashion designer like; Zac Posen, Isaac Mizrahi,Helmut Lang, Miu Miu, Prada and Calvin Klein

We love you Natalie for her decent and balance personality.The balance that she have between the good and the naughty side of her make me we impress and curious to know more about the beautiful lady.The impressive performance that she have in her career make us cant stop to have more from her.A very best good luck from us to Natalie Portman :)

Sneek Peek into Natalie Portman and Dior :


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