FASHION & MODEL : The new rising hijab queen Halima Aden

by - Thursday, March 02, 2017

Who know there will be a muslim girl who will break the supermodel industry record. Halima Aden who is a 19 years old Somali American girl was firstly break the Miss USA Contest record as she was the first to made it to semi final of the Miss Minnesota with wearing hijab, which was never done before.

And it all doesn't stop there as it getting more surprising when IMG Modeling Agency signed her as one of their supermodel. Which make Halima Aden the first ever supermodel in the industry that wearing hijab.

She was looking amazingly fabulous when walking down the runaway for Yeezy Season 5 Collection and we're deeply in love with her look!

Halima Aden during Yeezy Season 5 Collection Preview

Halima Aden first magazine cover

Final words from DVH, we would like to congratulate her for her amazing achievement and we wish you all the best Halima ;)

P/s: You may follow Halima Adeen's instagram at @kinglimaa ;)

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