Create that Dark Goth Look or the Rock Chic Look!!

by - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The dark style was everywhere last year. From dark outfit style to dark nail polish. Not forgotten, the black lipstick style also back on trend again! All thanks to the mastermind Kylie Jenner.

And yet, this year the gothic or the rock style is still trending. The style also has become more trending than ever before.

We can see it on the street, in the video clips, and even on the fashion runaway!

So, here are some of our gothic style and rock chic style inspiration for you.

  • The Dark Goth Effect

image property of DIVAHAUSE POLYVORE

Smoky eyes & bold 'twiggy' lashes, pair with dark color lipstick and nude tones to balance the look.

#M.U.H  - pick dark color lipstick (color of choice : dark purple or dark maroon) 

  • The Rock Chic Look / The Gothic Cat Eye Look
image right from amandesteele instagram.

Cat eye eyeliners with bold 'Twiggy' lashes.
Pick on nude shades for the eye shadow as you want bold the cat eye effect.
Balance the look with nude shades and natural highlight tones.

#M.U.H - Go subtle and easy on the eye shadow as you want bold the cat eye effect.




To create the look :

  1. Apply light tone foundation as your makeup based and highlight with light brown bronzer.
  2. Draw your eyebrows outline before shading up your eyebrows to avoid over-do the eyebrows.
  3. Create your eyeliner before applying your mascara.
  4. Volume up your eyelashes with mascara before applying the fake lashes nor the eye shadow.
  5. Apply the eyeshadow after your mascara has dry.
  6. Put on the fake lashes after that. This will manage to blend the fake lash with your eyelashes evenly and create the natural lashes effect.
  7. Final step, apply your choice of lipstick to finish the look.

Stay tunes for more latest post and updates. ;)

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