Fashion Inspired : Lana Del Rey

by - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Beauty of Lana Del Rey

Sexy,enchanting and beautiful. We can say that she's pretty lucky to born with such a gift! Lana Del Rey surely has charm everyone with her melodious voice and not forgotten her alluring look. Famous from the songs "Blue Jeans" and "Video Games" she obviously has stunned the crowd and change the entertainment world. Some say she's the next Adele which I think because of the resemblance of the classic voice which they both have (Adele and Lana Del Rey) 

Although,for us she is ultimately sexy and talented, Lana Del Rey show the world that everyone have their own insecurities and nobody's perfect.

The scandalous story of her past about her drugs addiction,rehab and her lips plastic surgery doesn't shake her a bit. For this young lady,life is a struggle and everyone have their own bad past.

Always looking vogue and elegant all the time,it's prove that she's a real photogenic as the camera and the photographer love her so much. "She is always captured in beautiful photo" And we surely do love 

Steal LANA DEL REY look's!

Lana Del Rey, We love ya! 

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